Teaching & Learning


Our curriculum is centred on the Christian values of respect for one another. We learn about social justice issues and how we respond to everyday situations through a Catholic lens. This invites students into a relationship with God.

The sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion/Eucharist and Confirmation are Parish based. The school fully involves itself in the Sacraments and regards them as special celebrations within the Church and school.


IT is an integral part of the students’ education at St Mary’s. Each classroom is equipped with wireless laptops, iPads or chrome books, interactive whiteboards and the latest technology to support students in their learning and education.

See Saw via MS Teams is an interactive learning platform that enables teachers to set tasks while allowing students and parents to communicate about school and homework activities.


St Mary’s students have regular opportunities to represent the school at sport-including Swimming, Athletics and Cross-Country. The children also participate in various Gala Days i.e. soccer, touch football, netball across the region.

Where possible we join with other schools for sporting activities to enhance competition and socialisation, particularly in the Mortimer and Trent Barrett Shield Rugby League Competitions.

We utilise Sporting School funding to access trained coaches in various sports e.g. gymnastics, tennis, golf and lawn bowls  to provide our students with a well-rounded sport skill program.


Children have access to the school library on a daily basis. Each week the children are taught a specific library lesson and have the opportunity to borrow books.


Excursions are an important part of your child’s education at St. Mary’s and each class has the opportunity to participate in one or more excursions throughout the year. Year 5/6 participate in an overnight excursion every year usually between Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. These excursions are for the duration of three days and two nights.

K/1 and Year 2/3 children participate in their own day excursion throughout the year connected to their learning and age level.


Every student in Year 6 becomes a school leader. At the beginning of the school year the students in Year 6 are assigned an area of responsibility within the school e.g. Sport, Hospitality, Media etc. The students are also called upon to represent the school at various community events and to organise ‘fun’ events at school. They also have the responsibility of running assemblies and performing public speaking obligations.


Our new students entering Kindergarten are partnered with a Year 6 buddy to support their transition into ‘big’ school. Buddy relationships become extra special and are remembered for years to come.


A Classroom Support Teacher (CST) and a Classroom Assistant (CA) are employed at St Mary’s to support students with individual learning needs. These staff members work in the classrooms providing support for individual students as needed.