We welcome everyone who is willing to respect our values and ethos as a Catholic primary school. We encourage you to visit our school and meet with the Principal for a tour of our beautiful school grounds.

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Classroom Helpers

Parents, Grandparents and Carers are very welcome to become classroom helpers to assist in all subject areas, particularly maths and reading. All helpers will require a WWCC clearance before they can assist with school activities.

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St Mary's School aims to develop a sense of pride in the students and their appearance. Therefore, as part of enrolling at St Mary's the correct uniform must be worn at all times. St Mary's adopts the policy 'No Hat, No Play', during Term 1 and 4. Second hand items are available by donation. Please see Ms Holland or Ms Stubbs for all enquries. 

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Community Council

St Mary’s has a very successful Parent Community Council which is very welcoming and extremely hard working. The Community Council has a key role in developing the community of parents, students and staff. It provides a forum for parents to provide input, collaborate, support school activities and fundraise.

Membership is open to all parents and guardians of students at the school and other individuals who support the school and accept the functions and rules of the Association.

School Buses

Mr. Worrick Shaw owns and operates the local school bus service. If your child will be travelling to or from school by bus, Mr. Shaw needs to be contacted by you directly. Each afternoon the children are walked orderly to the bus stop, located on Pioneer Street by a staff member and are supervised onto the buses, please phone 02 6949 1128.