Religious Education

At St Mary’s, Jesus is our starting point for all we do, say and think in our endeavour to educate and provide pastoral care to the students.  A main focus of the school is to support parents, as the prime educators of their children, in their quest to nurture their child’s Christian faith and assist them in their moral development.

As part of the curriculum, Religious Education gives students at St Mary’s, the opportunity to study topics that are both challenging and insightful within the Christian religious tradition.  The Archdiocesan Guidelines "Treasures New & Old" provide outcomes that are linked to all Key Learning Areas thus providing a sense of the Sacred and wonder in all subjects.

The Religious Education Programme and Faith Development are not taught in isolation, but as a part of everyday life, where children are encouraged to reflect on the message of Jesus and put it into practice in the here and now. 
The Sacramental Programme is Parish based, with the school working closely, ensuring appropriate Sacramental Units are taught in conjunction with the Parish Programme.

Prayer plays a significant part in the daily life of a student at St Mary’s.  It is woven throughout all activities which punctuates the beginning and ending of studies.  This is to instil in students the importance of meditation and the need for spirituality in our life.  May is an important month at St Mary’s.  During this month, each day the whole school recites a decade of the Rosary, in remembrance of Mary and the life of Christ.

Children participate in liturgical celebrations on a regular basis.  These include Children Masses; feast day liturgies, and other whole school assemblies.

'The Catholic School participates in the evangelising mission of the Church and is the privileged environment in which Christian education is carried out.  In this way Catholic Schools are at once places of evangelisation, of complete formation, of enculturation, of apprenticeship in a lively dialogue between young people of different religions and social backgrounds.'  (The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium, 1998) 

At St Mary’s, we strive to create in the life of the school a caring atmosphere, which reflects Gospel values in all aspects, both formal and informal.