Batlow Community

Batlow is an extremely community orientated town. St. Mary's School is very proud to be a part of this. Out of this sense of pride we endeavour to be actively involved wherever possible.

St. Mary's has chosen to be active in the following capacities:

Day Care Visits - Each term the children participate in fortnightly visits to the elderly at the Batlow Hospital. The children visit for half an hour and share their school work, sing songs, recite poems and chat.  This is an important activity at St. Mary's that both the children and the elderly in our community enjoy.

ANZAC Day March - Each year the children gather and march on Anzac Day with the school. The Year 6 leaders are involved in the ceremony organise by the local RSL Sub Branch through reading and laying a wreath. At St. Mary's we believe ANZAC Day to be an important part of our Australian history and culture, therefore we teach our children about this special celebration through our HSIE program each year.

Remembrance Day - On the 11th day of the eleventh month each year, the children walk to the town cenotaph to participate in a special Remembrance Day service at 11.00am. This service is organised by the local RSL Sub Branch. The children are involved through reading and again laying a wreath. This day becomes a focus in our school, where lessons are taught around this theme.

CWA International Day - The school is invited each year by the Country Womens Association to participate in their International Day. A country is chosen by the CWA for the children to study and complete a project on. CWA organisations from surrounding towns are invited to Batlow on the International Day and the school performs for the CWA ladies. This involves dancing, singing etc.

Apple Blossom Festival - The community of Batlow celebrates its unique culture each October with a community festival. The school participates in the festival in numerous ways. The children spend time at school preparing for school competitions and performances. The school choir participates in the festival by singing a variety of songs on stage. St Mary's strives to be active in the Batlow community as we believe it is vital for the future of our town to encourage our youth to be resourceful citizens.

Carols by Candlelight - The Rotary Club of Batlow organises the Christmas celebration of Carols by Candlelight each festive season and invites the school to participate. The children sing a variety of Christmas carols for the community on this night.  The school has been very fortunate over the past years to have been well supported by community organisations in Batlow and therefore we believe in supporting those who support us.